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Séduire is paving the standards of what the beauty industry will blossom into.


While training programs are great for teaching you the skills and basics of PMU services, they don't give you the appropriate time to develop and perfect the craft.


Séduire Academy is designed to change that by providing courses that give you the proper time and hands-on experience to master the ins and outs of the Semi-Permanent makeup industry.


All curriculum provides students with the most in-depth knowledge & techniques for hands-on training to be salon-ready. Our courses challenge students to push their limits, creating quality work they will be proud of. Our goal is to educate students and enable them to feel confident practicing on clients. We want each student to feel confident in pursuing a fulfilling career in Microblading, Microshading

& Lip Blushing!

are constructed for artists that are committed to strengthening their craft. The techniques taught in each course have been tested and proven by Séduire Educator, Krystal-Renee. Her signature approach to customizing brow designs and Lip Blushing techniques per individual has set her apart from the rest of the industry.

Séduire's classes...


The PMU courses are focused on creating educational programs dedicated to mastering the craft. Students will gain confidence and will be ready to work in real salon environments.


Séduire Academy headquarters is located in Los Angeles. Our educational programs are designed to meet the diverse needs of students at all levels of artistry. We pride ourselves in our small class sizes,

which encourages more one-on-one

time with educators.



 "I've taken a handful of trainings, for I strive to learn the best techniques. After extensive research, Séduire Academy stood out because their work is perfection. Lip Blush training exceeded my expectations. The instructors did not hold back information. They took their time to make sure we were learning properly and that we were sure of our work.


I look forward to continuing on learning at Séduire Academy and I feel confident to practice the Lip Blush technique. I reccomend training with Séduire to anyone wether a new artist or an experienced one. Thank you Séduire Academy!"

- Marily, Student 




Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique that involves using tiny, fine-point needles that make up a small disposable blade. The needle finely scratches the surface of the skin creating featherweight strokes on the epidermis layer of the skin. The technique creates thin, crisp lines giving the illusion of realistic natural hair strokes. With this technique, artists can create a natural light finish to a bold brow look.



Microshading combines both Microblading and Shading, creating the best of both worlds! In addition to our signature Microblading pattern, the Shading method is similar to a traditional tattoo, which uses an application of tiny dots of pigment that is inserted into the skin. This method creates the soft, feathery headstrokes of Microblading and the fullness and definition of shading.

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Lip blush is the newest semi-permanent trend that enhances the natural lip shape with a boost of symmetry and color. It is an extremely popular treatment that defines lip contours and adds a natural flush lip color. Pigments are available in all different shades to match all lips to provide a subtle color that enhances the natural lip color and camouflages scars, paleness or unevenness. 

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