Joining the apprenticeship gives students the opportunity to gain real-life clientele experience while working one-on-one with the instructor. All students will receive guidance to mastering the art of Microblading by perfecting their brow mapping and polishing up on their brow patterns. Students will learn salon etiquette, build their portfolio and be fully prepared to take on their own clients.




All students who have taken Séduire's Foundation and Advance training, are eligible to join our apprenticeship boot camp program for those who want to jump-start their career! 

Students will complete a series of practice work/ training that will prepare them for their own clients with CONFIDENCE!


Students will have the opportunity to work on four clients with the guidance of Krystal beside them at every appointment.


Models, client forms, products, will be provided! This will be a great chance to create content, build a clientele, gain real-life experiences and a portfolio!




Shadowing an instructor instills a whole appointment experience from the beginning to the end. Students will be able to learn customer service skills along with handling consent forms and proper pre-care information. Students will practice correct health department sanitation protocols by setting up and cleaning stations.


It is a great intimate setting with the instructor to ask all the questions while Microblading application is being performed. Students will also practice aftercare with all clients.  



Practicing is the only way to improve and perfect the skill of Microblading. All students must master their homework in order to be fully prepared to take on their own clients. 


Séduire Academy offers weekly study groups where homework can be worked on and graded in a one-on-one setting with the instructor.



  • Tackling a wide variety of brow pattern for all types of brow shapes/hair growth patterns.

  • Adjusting blade handling per skin type. 

  • Brow mapping and brow shaping

  • Perfecting brow patterns and stroke composition

  • Brow design customization 



During an appointment at Séduire Academy, students will practice real-life interactions with clients and build their customer service experience. All appointments will be overseen by an instructor to ensure every appointment is going smoothly.


After each appointment, students will be sent home with homework to practice and work on areas that they need improvement on. This will only grow the apprentice's skillset to become a master Microblading artist. Not only will they receive professional advice, but they will also be building relationships with their clients that will grow their future clientele.




  • Self-Marketing; Proper Photo Light/Angles/Edits

  • Proper Client Documentation,
    Sanitation & Pre-Care

  • Client Profile Records

  • Brow Mapping & Shaping

  • Analyzing Hair Growth (Straight, Mod
    Curve, C Curve)

  • Finding the Transition & Spine

  • Understanding Ink Ratio

  • Brow Stretching Technique for 1st
    Pass Application


  • Social Media Content

  • Sharps

  • Blade Handling

  • Proper Depth & Angle for Application

  • Stroke Composition - Left & Right

  • Straight: Single, Double, Fan Out

  • Moderate Curve: Single, Double, Fan Out

  • C Curve: Single, Double, Fan Out

  • Head & Front Brow Design - Left & Right



  • Brow Design

  • Straight, Moderate Curve, C Curve

  • Brow Design with Stretching Technique for1st Pass Application ( Left & Right)



  • Brow Growth Variations

  • Perfecting How to Blend in Strokes with
    Natural Hairs

  • Bald Spots

  • Thick/Coarse Hairs

  • Ombre Effect

  • 2nd Pass & 2nd Session


DAY 5-8

  • PPP Day

  • Full Appointments

  • Photo Content