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Our Extended Apprenticeship training provides students with a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience with real clients while receiving personalized instruction. Under the guidance of our experienced instructors, students will have the chance to master their desired techniques. In addition, they will learn essential salon etiquette, develop their portfolio, and acquire the necessary skills to confidently serve their own clients.



Séduire's Extended Training Program is exclusively available to students who have completed our Fundamentals + Model Day training for any desired technique. We have programs is designed to accelerate their career progression by offering a dynamic learning experience.

During the extended training, students will engage in customized practice work and drills tailored to their individual needs. This intensive preparation will instill the confidence required to serve their own clients effectively.

We are committed to developing a comprehensive plan that will set you on the path to success. Our first priority is to evaluate your current position in your career and assess your technique. We will refine your technique, improve your marketing strategies, maximize your presence on social media platforms, optimize your backend operations, establish a clear business goal, and enhance client retention.

The extended training program empowers students to embark on their professional journey with a competitive edge, ensuring they are fully equipped to excel in the industry.



Once students complete the Fundamentals training, they are granted lifetime access to return to the academy to practice their new skill at a motivating environment that inspires growth.

In addition, students are eligible to attend a complimentary refresher class within 6 months of their last training date, allowing them to reinforce their knowledge and skills.

Seduire Academy is always available for students to seek assistance with troubleshooting questions. Students can confidently reach out to us for guidance and support. This valuable feedback helps students refine their techniques and enhance their performance.


Discover mentorship options tailored to your preferences and needs. We understand that everyone has unique learning styles and goals, which is why we offer customizable mentorship programs. Whether you prefer long term one-on-one guidance, group sessions, virtual mentorship, or in-person interactions, we have the perfect option for you. Our experienced mentors will work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and create a personalized mentorship plan.

Choose the mentorship format that suits you best, and let us support you in achieving your aspirations. With our tailored approach, you can confidently embark on your learning journey and unlock your full potential.




Unlock your path to success with our comprehensive tailored plan. We prioritize understanding your current career position and evaluating your technique to guide you effectively. Whether you need help refining your skills, boosting your marketing strategies, maximizing your social media presence, optimizing backend operations, setting clear business goals, or enhancing client retention, we've got you covered!

Stay on track and make progress with our weekly tasks, specifically designed to propel you towards your goals while keeping you accountable. Starting with a focus on technique, we'll provide demonstrations and guidance to clarify any areas that need improvement or relearning. Simultaneously, we'll guide you step-by-step in launching your own business as you work on the assigned tasks.

Our goal is to create a seamless plan that caters to all aspects of your career, offering the necessary support for your growth and achievements. 


  • 5 In Person Days out of the week

  • Sit in another training class

  • Homework assignments, weekly goals

  • Hands on practice + guidance

  • Trouble shooting areas

  • Practice Material Available

  • Offers guidance for all backend needs. (Business, Registration, Client Forms, Scheduling, Emails, Branding, Marketing Strategies, Social Media, Photo Editing)

  • In person shadow days

  • Building Salon Experience & Etiquette 

  • 3 Model Days



For those who want a fast turn around, experience a personalized 1:1 model day where our instructor will be right by your side, providing guidance and support throughout the entire appointment process. With their expertise, they will assist you in applying the techniques correctly and effectively, ensuring optimal results.


During this intensive session, you will witness significant improvements in your skills within a short span of time. The instructor will carefully assess your technique and provide valuable feedback and corrections to enhance your abilities. Please note that for the model day, it is crucial to have your technique approved beforehand in order to work on a model.


This dedicated and exclusive learning opportunity guarantees an immersive experience where you can focus solely on refining your craft under the guidance of a seasoned professional. Prepare to elevate your skills to new heights and gain the confidence necessary to excel in your field.


Recognizing that not everyone is able to travel for an extended apprenticeship, we have developed a virtual mentorship program to ensure accessibility for individuals from anywhere in the world. Through this program, you can still benefit from our expertise and guidance, regardless of your geographical location.


To ensure your progress, we will provide you with weekly tasks designed to help you achieve your goals while maintaining accountability. Beginning with a focus on technique, we will offer demonstrations and guide you through any areas where you require clarification or re-learning. Simultaneously, as you work on the assigned tasks for the week, we will provide step-by-step guidance on starting your own business, branding, social media, marketing plan, pricing, backend setup, forms, etc!

Embrace the opportunity to grow and learn from the comfort of your own environment through our virtual mentorship program. Expand your knowledge, refine your skills, and take significant strides forward in your professional journey, regardless of your physical location.

  • 1 Hour Call a week

  • Weekly assignments to complete

  • Digital Corrections made by instructor

  • Improves technique

  • Offers guidance for all backend needs. (Business, Registration, Client Forms, Scheduling, Emails, Branding, Marketing Strategies, Social Media, Photo Editing)



Get ready to elevate your skills and overcome obstacles with our expert guidance. Our team is here to support you every step of the way. Whether you have questions about technique, we'll go beyond explanations and provide captivating demonstrations, guiding you through the process of re-learning and clarifying any areas that need further understanding.


Students that complete training have 6 months to join us for a COMPLIMENTARY class refresher.


Students who exceed 6 months can retake a class at a low rate as techniques constantly evolve. Join us for a comprehensive group training session to refresh your memory.


Experience increased information absorption compared to your initial training. This session mirrors the first Fundamentals training, ensuring a similar learning experience.


Once you complete any of the extended training options below, you can bring up to 5 models at a booth daily rental rate.


  • In Person Apprenticeship

  • Online Mentorship + 1 Model Day

  • 1:1 Private Model Day


Products + Insurance is covered.

Opportunities to rent a salon station full time is available.

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