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Krystal, the instructor and co-founder, is dedicated to providing top-notch education for her students. Having completed multiple permanent makeup courses herself, Krystal is constantly expanding her knowledge in the field.

Her experience as a student revealed a common issue - courses often overloaded participants with new techniques without allowing sufficient time for practice and mastery. Krystal understands that perfecting a skill takes time, practice, and guidance, especially when it comes to permanent makeup procedures.

To address this gap, Krystal developed a program focused on mastery. She offers personalized advice tailored to each student's needs, based on their practical work and live applications. Known for her ability to troubleshoot, diagnose issues, and guide artists towards perfection, Krystal ensures her students receive the support and guidance necessary to excel in their craft.

By combining her real-world experience with her passion for perfection, Krystal equips her students with the knowledge and skills needed to confidently perform permanent makeup procedures. Through her detailed work and commitment to excellence, Krystal inspires her students to strive for the same level of precision and professionalism.




Séduire's mission is to provide success, quality, and

in-depth education that will leave artists feeling

confident in their work and clients excited

about their exceptional service.



Séduire Academy values permanent makeup as an accessory that highlights one’s natural features. Our courses focus on enhancing everyone’s inner beauty & use natural techniques for flawless work.


Séduire's goal is to guide students to reach a level of professionalism & skill that is incomparable in the industry. We want to build up and educate artists to deliver quality and exceed expectations. That is why Séduire prides themselves on cutting-edge training that will help students strive to achieve their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and starting their own business. 

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