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It's important to document information that happens during every clients appointment. Many senairos happen during an appointment, such as special requests and complications that can impact the final results 


This is why we've created an appointment summary for you! Now you can keep track of everything that happened during the appointment, so you don't have to rely on memory alone—and you can always look back on the notes if there are any complications down the road to easily figure out the root of cause.



Digital PMU Client Appointment Summary | Brows + Lips | GoodNotes | Notability | Digital Downloads 

  • Simple and professional layout 

  • Save time & file your client's profile, instantly! 

  • Successfully run your business and stay organized.  

  • Keep record of your clients needle information & pigments used 

  • Something your clients can refer back to.

  • Client intake form will allow you to keep record of their important information.


Permanent Makeup.png


It's important to be organized as a permanent makeup artist. But it can be hard to keep track of all your client information and appointments.


We designed a Digital PMU Client Appointment Summary to help you stay organized by keeping track of essential information about each client’s appointment process. You and your client will be able to refer back to their summary at any time!


  • A client intake form that allows you to keep record of their important information in one place!

  • Document needle and pigments used

  • Make notes if there were any complications

  • Upload before & after photos easily!

  • Easy to file and send to your clients

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