To Our Students

To master any new skill requires time and practice. Séduire Academy was designed with one goal in mind. Séduire designs courses that are dedicated to strengthening and perfecting one's Microblading skill. In class, students will have hands-on practice the allows them to sharpen their skills step by step. We pride ourselves in extended education and small class sizes that encourage more one on one time with students and their educators. It’s our vision to build a new generation of artists that deliver quality within their craft and service.




The Microblading course will give you the foundation, knowledge, and experience required to jump-starting your career. Students will learn insights from Krystal Renee's signature techniques to achieve the utmost natural brows.


Foundation students will go through extensive theory, practical practice and focus on skin simulation throughout the course. From real-world experiences to booking an appointment to performing a procedure on a live model.

Students will receive a certificate upon completion.





Perfecting the foundation class will prepare yourself to create quality work and a solid foundation for your career. 


Learning the foundation of Microblading is similar to learning your ABC’s. You must fully understand the sounds and syllables before being able to create words and sentences. Without following the basics and guidelines of microblading, it will be impossible to create work that is up to industry standards.

Once you have completed and perfected the foundation of Microblading, you may then advance into learning more intricate Microblading patterns and corrections.


  • pre-care requirements

  • skin anatomy

  • allergies & diseases

  • color theory

  • product knowledge

  • proper work set up

  • take home practical work

  • brow grooming

  • compiling client consultation/consent forms

  • set-up/safety/sanitation

  • brow shapes


  • brow mapping

  • symmetry perfecting

  • blade handling

  • understanding proper skin depth

  • precision line work

  • how to identify an individuals hair growth

  • stretching technique

  • identifying common irritations/infections

  • how to capture quality brow photos

  • aftercare & precare

  • and much more…



  • In-Depth Manual 

  • Interactive Activities

  • Microblading Kit 

  • Learning Exercises 

  • Live Model Practice

  • Mannequin Head

  • Support Community

  • Certificate (Upon Graduation)

  • Extended Education

  • Product Exclusives

  • Industry Updates


  • Pre-Care, client forms / After-Care

  • Sanitation

  • Face Pencil Shaving tutorial

  • 4 Point Face Measurements

  • Demo [4 points & brows shaping]

  • Hands-On Practice with classmates [4 points & brows shaping]

  • Hands-On Practice with classmates [4 points & brows shaping]

  • Do’s & Don’ts 

  • Skin anatomy 

  • Importance of skin depth 

  • Importance of hair growth, transition & spine

  • Blade Pen handling & strokes [demo & hands on]

  • Stroke Composition

  • Pattern Process -head, front transition, bottom, top,

      spine, tail [demo & hands on]


DAY 2​​

  • 4 key factors to achieving thin healed strokes and great retention

  • -Proper skin stretching, Blade Penetration, Appropriate Skin Depth, and Precise 2nd Pass

  • Blade composition Demo & Hands On

  • Practice skin 

  • Color Theory 

  • Ink handling on the blade

  • Do’s and Don'ts

  • Mold [demo & hands on]

  • 2nd Pass [demo & hands on]

  • Skin stretching & pattern process application [demo & hands on]





  • Sharps and Biohazard Handling 

  • Station Preparation

  • Sanitation 

  • Appointment Break Down

  • Live Model

  • Model Feedback

  • Support Community Overview

DAY 3​​