To Our Students

To master any new skill requires time and practice. Séduire Academy was designed with one goal in mind. Design courses that are dedicated to strengthening and perfecting one's Microblading skill. In class, students will have hands-on practice the allows them to sharpen their skills step by step. We pride ourselves in extended education and small class sizes that encourage more one on one time with students and their educators. It’s our vision to build a new generation of artists that deliver quality within their craft and service.



Now that you have mastered your foundation, are you ready to advance your Microblading technique & knowledge?! This workshop is designed to extend your skill range to different Microblading patterns. All Bold & Correction students will go through practical practices for corrections. Artists will learn proper Microblading blending with natural hairs, tattoo corrections, scar cover-ups and the ombré effect.



Once you have learned and perfected the foundation of Microblading, you may then advance onto learning more intricate Microblading patterns and corrections. Microblading is constantly evolving with new techniques. It is always changing as fast as makeup and fashion, and you must follow the newest trends to keep up with competition 


  • review precision line simulation

  • demo corrections

  • correction practice 

  • stroke blending 

  • ombre effect

  • scar cover up

  • tattoo cover up



  • In-Depth Manual 

  • Interactive Activities

  • Microblading Kit

  • Learning Exercises 

  • Live Model Practice

  • Mannequin Head

  • Support Community

  • Certificate (Upon Graduation)

  • Extended Education

  • Product Exclusives

  • Industry Updates




• Key Factors To Achieve Clear Healed Thin Strokes

• Skin Depth Theory

• Blade Handling [Demo & Hands On]

• Curve Designs [Demo & Hands On]

• Stroke Pattern 1, 2 & 3 [Demo & Hands On]

• Mold Practice [Demo & Hands On]

• 90 Degree Penetration

• Symmetry 

• Stretching Technique

• Mock Up Application on Classmates 

Recognition of Brow Growth [Demo & Hands On]

• Brow Outline Trouble Shooting [Demo & Hands On]

• Transparent Sheet Practice Exercises

3 Head Strokes [Demo & Hands On]

Transition Design 1,2, 3 & 4 [Demo & Hands On]

Spine Design 1,2, 3 & 4 [Demo & Hands On]

• Blade Handling

2nd Pass [Demo & Hands On]

• Mock Up Application On Classmates

DAY 2​​