To Our Students

To master any new skill requires time and practice. Séduire Academy was designed with one goal in mind. Design courses that are dedicated to strengthening and perfecting one's Microblading skill. In class, students will have hands-on practice the allows them to sharpen their skills step by step. We pride ourselves in extended education and small class sizes that encourage more one on one time with students and their educators. It’s our vision to build a new generation of artists that deliver quality within their craft and service.​





The Advanced Technique course is a boot camp training, specially designed for students who have taken a foundation or an introduction Microblading course. It is perfect for those that want to fine-tune and advance their Microblading skills! 

Krystal will teach her signature techniques and practice key factors that are geared to achieving thin healed micro-strokes.


Our goal in these courses is for our students to feel more confident and leave excited to work in real life scenarios and pursue a fulfilling career in the industry!



Students will learn Krystal’s signature techniques on how to blend in Microblading seamlessly into an individual's natural hair! This one-day course will bring all artists up to date with Instructor's signature brow pattern, stroke composition, shape retention and understanding how to achieve thin healed strokes! 


This course is focused on advancing your technique, in which you will learn how to customize all individuals brow, retain a perfect brow shape, achieve thin healed strokes and blend microblading seamlessly with bald or sparse areas.


NOTE: All fundamentals for microblading such as brow mapping, color theory, sanitation, brow stretching techniques, skin anatomy, pre-care, aftercare etc are covered in our foundation course.







  • Skin anatomy

  • Wound repair and regeneration 

  • Product & Tool overview

  • Explanation on proper skin depth 

    • Epidermis layer 

  • Correct and incorrect skin depth application

  • Mold handeling

  • Tool handling 

  • Do's and Dont's

  • Creating Curves with tool

  • Correct Penetration

  • Side Application

  • Stroke composition

    • Single 

    • Double

    • Triple Side

  • ​Brow design

  • Upside Down Stroke composition

    • Single

    • Double

    • Triple

Now that you have learned Krystal's signature technique, it is time to learn in-depth on how to customize your strokes and design seamlessly into an individuals brow! 

Understanding and mastering how to apply different stroke curves and applying the brow design in the correct placement in the brow will make it difficult for one to detect which strokes are real.


Students will also go through simulations on how to adjust your brow design to blend in bald areas perfectly with the natural hair. You will then apply all your practice into real brow scenarios in your practice book. 


  • Warm Up

  • Stroke composition

  • Blade handling

  • Brow design review 

  • Moderate Curve 

  • Moderate Curve & Brow design 

    • Spine 2, 3, 4

  • Straight Strokes & Brow Design 

    •  Spine 2, 3, 4

  • C Curve & Brow Design

    • Spine 1, 2, 3

  • Bald Spots & Hair blending 

  • Blending brow design with brow scenarios  


How does the mold play an important role?


The mold helps perfect your strokes and focuses on:

•90-degree Penetration

•Skin Depth

•Precise 2nd Pass. 


The practice will help you achieve clean, thin, healed strokes!





It is difficult for you to see if the microblading application has been correctly applied right after the procedure. However, all mistakes will surface once the brows have healed.


The mold practice resembles skin but is designed to show you immediate healed results! Séduire Academy developed these molds so that you can practice and perfect your application before working on a client. Applying your practice on these molds will save your future clients from incorrect microblading!


Why does a translucent sheet play an important role?




Our translucent sheet will help with retaining your brow shape, resembles real skin, and requires you to stretch the sheet to properly apply your strokes. This will give you real-life expectations of a 1st and 2nd pass!


It is crucial to make sure your strokes hug and touch your brow outline. Hugging the framework of your brow shape will guarantee that you will retain the shape.

By applying a stencil under our translucent practice sheet, this will eliminate the process of having to draw on brow shapes allowing you to focus solely on stroke application and maintaining your brow shape!



Standard practice sheets usually have great retention after one pass, which sounds amazing. However, this does not resemble how the first pass will look like on real skin. Our translucent sheets will show you how an actual first pass will appear onto the surface of the skin. applications on our translucent sheets will help you prepare appropriately on what to expect after your 1st pass application. 


Once you have perfected the 1st pass, you will then practice on the 2nd pass application and experience the process of how to find and apply the blade into the strokes precisely. 


After your 2nd pass application, you will be able to justify immediately if your application was evenly applied. This will eliminate the trial and error on a live procedure and help you achieve great retention!



Every individual will have a different skin type, therefore it will feel different to work on. To achieve the same results per client, you need to be able to know how to adjust your application accordingly to skin type.


Our translucent sheets are a perfect example of how tough the skin will potentially feel like during your application. Skin types that may feel tough would be skin with large pores, oily or mature skin.


How do inkless sheets play an important role?


One pattern does not fit all!  It is essential to be able to create custom patterns for every client’s hair growth. This class will teach how to create custom micro-strokes per individual that will blend seamlessly into all types of brow hairs.


The class will break down variations patterns that help you customize every individuals hair growth:

  • Head Strokes

  • Front Strokes

  • Transition

  • Bottom Strokes

  • Spine

  • Top Stokes 

  • Tail


Practice skins will solely help us focus on perfecting multiple patterns without the distraction of ink application.




Inkless sheets resemble an ideal skin type! It does not need a lot of pressure to penetrate the skin and will be an easy application for your blade to glide through. 


However, if your pressure is too heavy, your applied micro strokes will appear thick. The inkless sheets will help you adjust your application pressure correctly.


  • Eccentric U Blades 

  • Caliper 

  • Brow Scissors

  • Tweezers

  • Practice pen

  • Blades

  • Ink

  • Ink Rings

  • Ink Fiber Brushes

  • Precision Q-Tips

  • Translucent Practice Sheets

  • Inkless Practice Sheets

  • Seduire Academy Mold

  • Practice Booklet


Education does not end after taking the courses at Séduire Academy. Once students complete their training, they are added to Séduire's private online community where they can network and connect with students from all over the country! On the community channel, students are able to ask questions, stay up to date with new product finds, retrieve class videos, and send in their work digitally for the instructor to correct.

Séduire Academy also offers complimentary study group sessions where past students can practice with one another along with the instructor by their side. This is also a great way to network with other students from our training!

At Séduire Academy, we want to offer the most hands-on experiences for our students to fully grasp and understand the skillset. Students are able to schedule shadow dates to ask questions and watch the instructor perform from the procedure from start to finish!